Postal Plus Business Services

Mail & Parcel Shipping

Mail and Parcel Shipping

Shipping services:

DHL (International Only),
and US Mail


Copy Service

Copy Service

Black Ink on White Paper

1-500    $.10    8.5x11
  $.15    8.5x14
501-& up $.08    8.5x11
  $.13    8.5x14

Color Copies

1-500 $.49    8.5x11
  $.59    8.5x14
501 & up $.39    8.5x11

Black Ink on choice of
olored paper

1-500 $.15    8.5x11

Email or Fax your documents and
we'll make your copies!

Mailbox Rentals

Mailbox Rental
Postal Plus private mailboxes provide you and your business with a safe and private physical street address, in addition to a personal mailbox.

Private carriers DO NOT deliver to a Post Office box.

Access 24 hours/7days a week.

Our boxes are a great alternative and offer many features and more flexibility.

Mail and package forwarding and holding while you are on the move.

We accept packages for customers from all carriers (FedEx, DHL, US Mail, UPS).

No worries on receiving packages!!!

We ship with all carriers!

Custom Packaging

Custom PackagingComplete Packaging and Shipping Services.

We have the training to custom pack your shipments so they get there in one piece!

Overnight Documents and Package Delivery (and no, we don't ship the children!)

Now there is a place to handle all of your mailing needs.
No more waiting for stamps and fussing over big packages.
Postal Plus is the answer to all of your shipping problems.

We are just like the Post Office, only...better.
You can drop off your mail, fax your important documents or make copies.

As a special service to you, if you have a large package we will help you get it out of your car, rain or shine!

Notary Service

Notary Service

You can have your documents notarized,
copied and then sent on their way.

$10.00 for the first seal. $ 5.00 for each additional.

Fax Service

Fax Service
  1st Page Additional
(Local/Long Distance)   
$2.00 $1.00
International $15.00 $5.00
Receiving $2.00 $1.00